Springwood Park Gun Violence

After a string of shootings near my home, in and around Springwood Park, I contacted local media and worked with the Mayor, Police Chief, and neighbors to address the gun violence in our neighborhood.

I also spoke out about the violence at the 7/2/19 Council meeting. “Zandria Michaud, a Kent resident, spoke regarding her frustration over the increase in gun-related incidents in and around Springwood Park. Michaud provided details on recent violent events in the Springwood Park area, including a recent one in front of her home. Michaud requested Chief Padilla have a bigger police presence in the area. Michaud asked residents, the Council and the Mayor to work together stop violence in the community.”

Officers arrested several of the suspects, installed a camera at the park, and conducted several bike patrols.

Pine Tree Park Sale

I urged Kent City Council to stop the 2016 sale of Pine Tree Park to a housing developer. I worked with other community members and the local media to get the word out about the sale, spoke in opposition to the sale at city council meetings and in the Kent Reporter.

I also used this sale as the case study for my undergraduate honors thesis on the state of democracy in Kent and the importance of community input on decisions.

After the Pine Tree Park situation, I pushed for more transparency and public notice of land sales at the 3/24/16 Parks and Human Services Committee Meeting and spoke against selling parks at the 9/15/16 Parks and Human Services Committee Meeting.

Parks and Recreation Funding

I have consistently asked, during every budget cycle, that the Parks Department gets adequate funding.

At my council candidate interview in 2018, one of my stated priorities was ensuring the parks department was funded properly to ensure equitable access to parks.

Most recently, I asked the council to adopt the Mayor's proposed parks capital funding for the 2020 budget- Council meeting 10/1/19.

I spoke in favor of additional funding for the parks department to help alleviate some of the Parks’ $60 million backlog-City Council meeting 10/18/16 and again on 9/12/17.

Previously, in 2015, I also requested more parks funding at the 10/20/2015 Council meeting. At the 11/24/15 Parks and Human Services Committee, I asked that parks get prioritized in the budget.


West Hill Water Tower

I wrote to the City Council about my opposition to placing a water tower on park property and asked that other properties be explored.

I also addressed the West Hill Water tower plan at the City Council meeting on 9/3/19: stating that if Kronish Park is the only feasible property, I “further request the Parks Department allocate the funds received from the transfer of the Kronisch property from the Public Works Department to future park property on the West Hill.”

Police Department Funding

When the Council selected me as a finalist for the open Council seat, at the 4/17/18 interview, I stated my top priority is funding for more police officers. This still stands. I want to see more police out in our community talking with residents and creating positive relationships with our diverse community.

Green Kent Program Cut

As a long-time Green Kent Steward, I opposed ending the Green Kent Program and emailed the Council in opposition to cutting the program. Fostering community relationships while giving people an opportunity to make real-life changes to their city is essential.

Green Kent volunteers restored wildlife habitat and urban forests here in Kent.

I am still working with the city to find ways to restart this community service program.